About Us

Our focus is all about dealing with people and taking time to understand their needs and aspirations. This may sound routine, but in the world of computer technology it is all too often forgotten. Founded in 2001 by two experienced computer professionals, ProjectWon set out to provide the very best in computer training while bringing reality and results to computer projects that can otherwise spiral out of control.

During several implementations as programme managers, it became clear to us that training was usually an afterthought or sometimes overlooked, yet it holds the key to success from almost every aspect.

Computer projects of all sizes can become beasts to control. We believe that people should be at the heart of any project with their knowledge and experience harnessed so that the outcome enhances rather than enslaves the business.

We take time to understand your needs and then aim to deliver something special that will exceed expectation whenever possible. Please see our testimonials page to see what our ever increasing group of clients have to say about us.


About ProjectwonWhat makes us different?

  • We listen and respond to your needs
  • Putting people before technology
  • Results that make a difference
  • Attention to detail in everything we do
  • Free online support underpins our commitment
  • Accredited courses from the OCR

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